Reports and Recommendations

All changes to ProCard policies, processes, and procedures are the product of a rigorous business process improvement effort that resulted in recommendations build upon diverse customer feedback.

The ProCard Policy and Process Team Final Report:

Published in May 2019, the ProCard Final Report includes descriptions of the methodology used by the Project team, an overview of their findings, and recommendations in response to the charge given in the charter and in support of customer feedback and findings during the team’s work. 

Recommendations include:

  • Reissuing ProCards to employees who:
    • Can attend in-person training and be certified through a test
    • Understand their personal responsibility and liability as a cardholder
    • Take part in yearly compliance training
  • Improved standardized processes for:
    • Applying and issuing ProCards
    • Reconciliation of receipts and payments through VP7
    • Consequences for infractions and misuse
    • Alternative tools such as Amazon Prime business accounts, virtual cards, and declining balance cards
  • Continuous Improvement and Decision-making
    • An Advisory Committee to take on problems as they arise after recommendations have been implemented
    • Better access to reporting and auditing tools to drive future policy and process improvements

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Card Sharing Transition Work Team Report

Published in January 2020, this report is the product of a team charged with evaluating business tools, which both decrease risk associated with instances of sharing physical ProCards and increase service quality for cardholders. The work team conducted a review of multiple payment options, including virtual cards, limited use cards, and enterprise business purchasing tools and provided an assessment on functionality and campus use cases. 

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ProCard Expanded Voice of the Customer Report:

Published in August 2019, the Expanded Voice of the Customer Report was the work product of a team charged with developing a thorough understanding of the previous use of ProCards and unit purchasing needs. The team connected with high-volume units with complex use cases and units not previously visited by the original ProCard committee.

The Report includes information on their approach, a list of participants of focus groups, the questions posed, and a description of findings.

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