Cardholder Guidance

This page contains links to policies from the Handbook of Business Procedures that govern ProCard usage along with guidance documents that can be used by those who have attended training to help with decision-making around ProCard processes.

7.8. The Procurement Card Program

·       7.8.1. Procedures for ProCard Holders

·       7.8.2. ProCard Application and Issuance Process

·       7.8.3. Appropriate Conduct with ProCard

·       7.8.4. ProCard Usage

·       7.8.5. Payment Voucher Processing

·       7.8.6. Reporting Requirements for Misuse

·       7.8.7. Consequences of Misuse

·       7.8.8. ProCard Cancellations

·       7.8.9. Contact Information

Visit the Handbook of Business Procedures Part 7 for all Purchasing policies. 

ProCard Guidance Documents

Object Code Guidance (PDF)

This reference guide is for individuals involved within the reconciliation process and should be used to aid in determining the best object code for each transaction on a payment voucher.

ProCard Flowchart (PDF)

Individuals should use this flowchart to evaluate whether or not the ProCard is the most appropriate method of procurement before performing the purchase.

Disallowed List (PDF)

This list includes all of the items that are not allowed to be purchased on the ProCard.