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CitiManager is a powerful online tool that allows Cardholders to view and manage their account at any time.

Processes & Procedures

View your PIN

During the application process, you are prompted to set up a four-digit PIN that may be used at certain merchant terminals. In order to process your transaction, some merchants require that you enter the four-digit PIN as an additional layer of security.
By clicking the link below you will find instructions on how to view your PIN.

View and Download Statements

Cardholders can view either your current statement or a statement from the previous 72 months. You can also view recent transactions that have not billed to your statement. By clicking the link below you will find instructions on how to view and download statements.

Guidelines for Fraud

Suspected Fraud - If a ProCard is lost or stolen, or if fraudulent activity has occurred, the Cardholder must first notify Citibank. Citibank will then work with the Cardholder to review the transactions in question. Any verified, pending transactions will be transferred by the bank to the new card. 

Confirmed Fraud - Once the fraud has been confirmed, the Cardholder must then inform the Central ProCard Office, who notifies the Office of Internal Audits. The bank then deactivates the old card and issues a new card to be sent to the Central ProCard Office.  

All instances of confirmed fraud should utilize the (1519) object code on the payment voucher. All correspondence related to the fraud should be included in the *DEFINE notes, and submitted with the documentation. The fraud must be reported to the bank within 60-days of the statement date. A refund should be issued for the next cycle period.  If the refund does not clear within the next cycle period, contact the bank. 

Citibank Contacts

Citibank –Fraud Hotline
Phone: 1-800-950-5114

Citibank –General Inquiries
Phone: 1-800-248-4553

Citibank –Chip/PIN reset
Phone: 1-877-905-1855

Citibank – Dispute a Transaction
Phone: 1-800-248-4553

Office of Internal Audits

Phone: 512-471-7117