ProCard Database Application Process

To apply for a new card, please click on this link to get started. Our ProCard database is protected behind DUO so please make sure you have that access handy. Once logged in, please select the bulleted item that reads “Submit a new ProCard Application” (please see image below):

The first section will be information specific to the ProCard Applicant and will require you to submit your EID, first and last name, an email address and a phone number.

Next, you will be asked to include relevant card information, starting with a valid UT account number. This account will be the default account number used to pay expenses for the card.

Next, you will see fields where you can adjust the single transaction and cycle limit. Your application will automatically default to $999 for the single transaction limit and $5000 for the cycle limit. If you require higher limits, please check the box that says “check this box to change the single transaction limit” or “check this box to change the cycle limit”. The highest amount allowed for a single transaction limit on campus is $4,500.

Once that section is completed, you will be required to include a bank activation number. This number will be used any time you have to identify yourself with the bank. This is the only number you will utilize when contacting the bank, so please keep this number handy.

Your application will then prompt you to include all pertinent parties associated with your card.

The Card Manager is an individual, other than the cardholder, who may utilize the online banking site (GCMS) to monitor, track and validate transactions for a card. *This is not a required field on a ProCard Application and should only be used if applicable. *

A Reconciler is, generally speaking, the individual responsible for data entry of pertinent information into the payment voucher. This includes a valid account number, an appropriate object code, and any coding that the CSU requires regarding each individual transaction. This individual also completes a thorough review to ensure all usage is in compliance with ProCard policies and procedures. Once their portion of the payment voucher process is complete, they route it forward for final approval. You may include additional reconcilers if this applies to your card and current work flows established.

The Department Manager/Designee is ideally an individual who has supervisory authority over the ProCard holder. This individual will be included in correspondence related to the card should misuse occur or questions arise.

The CSU Business Officer is an individual responsible for final approving your application. This individual will be included in correspondence related to the card should misuse occur or questions arise. You can find a listing of CSU Business Officers on campus here.

The Owning Unit Code is important for ensuring your card lands underneath the correct unit for tracking, monitoring and reporting purposes on campus.

Once all information has been inserted into the application, the applicant will be required to check a box confirming that they have read and that they understand the Handbook of Business Procedures section on the ProCard Program. This box must be checked before an individual can submit an application.

Once your application has been submitted and it is final approved, the applicant will be prompted to sign up for a training session which is currently offered through ZOOM. Attending a training session is required for all cardholders on campus. Please head over to UT Learn to sign up for one of the available sessions.

Lastly, we are now seeing a more diverse population of cardholders, including those who work on-campus, remotely, or a hybrid of both. As such, we have developed a new card distribution method to be both accommodating and efficient for cardholders in all scenarios.

The New Process and How to Pick Up Your Card

  • Your ProCard/s have been delivered by the Central ProCard Office to Document Solutions (DS) and are now ready to be picked up at the School of Social Work (SSW G-14), 1925 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78712.
  • When picking up your ProCard, you must provide a UT EID. Our office will be notified of all cards that have been picked up as well as any cards that remain.
  • Short term parking is located in front of DS and they are open from 8am-4:30pm M-F. (The ideal time to pick up your card in terms of foot traffic is T/TR 8am-4:30pm).

If you are not within driving distance of campus or have questions regarding pickup, we ask that you reach out to us so that we can coordinate the best method in distributing your card.